What makes Younique Travel Adventures unique? It’s not just because we spell unique YOUnique!?

How do we support local projects?
First and foremost, we only help projects that want us there! We also help projects in the 3 different destinations in ways that best suit them.

In Kenya we work with 3 charity run schools. We work closely with all project directors and teachers to ensure what we do to support them is positive and creating change that is beneficial to the children. We see first-hand how much these schools benefit from volunteers sharing skills with them and we also see the difference the schools have on our volunteers. Alongside the hand on support we give them via YTA we also have set up a charity ‘Younite Foundation’ that raises vital funds to help the schools operate.

In India our community support is via two projects. One school is based in the mountains of Rishikesh and the other project is a school and social enterprise based in the slums of Delhi. Our India trip is not a ‘Volunteer’ based trip however we do organise for all our groups to visit these incredible projects. YTA donate a % of trip costs directly to these projects.

Vietnam currently does not involve any hands-on support with volunteering, given the nature of our trips to Vietnam we believe our support to a community project is more beneficial via funding. We currently aim to donate once a year to a fully established project that supports vulnerable young people. Further information on this will be available soon!

So, in a nutshell our core aim is to make a positive impact throughout all the destinations we visit. How we offer this support is based on the partnership we have formed and how we believe we can make the greatest impact. Travel and Community is at the Heart of what we do.

Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

It is important that our trips promote responsible tourism and that any projects we are involved in are already established projects that we can help become more sustainable. We have close relationships with our partner projects and have seen first-hand the difference our groups can make both to their community and their economy.

Long standing relationships with our teams in each country

Economically benefits the communities and destinations we visit

Committed to making sure we make a positive impact and the projects are benefiting from us being there!

Developing new skills & opportunities to the communities and young people we support.

We have a zero-litter policy!

We are dedicated to ensuring that our travellers, leaders and staff all act in a socially responsible way.  All parties must sign a Code of Conduct.   

We take time to educate our travellers about the host culture and the community so that our travellers can get the most out of their trip. 

We encourage our in country local teams to understand the culture of our customers. 

We closely monitor the economic, cultural and environmental issues, and re-evaluate the impact we are making on each destination to ensure we are continually making a positive difference.


We are dedicated to doing everything we can for the environment and plan to plant a minimum of 20 trees each year.

younite foundation

YTA work in partnership with Younite Foundation, a UK registered charity that has specifically been set up to support the three partner schools we support in Kenya. Whilst you are busy saving and fundraising for your adventure, Younite raises money directly for the projects.
The projects we support are charitable organisations or NGO’s, they provide education, social care, food, water and a safe sanctuary for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. The projects we have partnered with help children to develop physically, socially and spiritually in a safe and encouraging environment that enables them to reach their full potential.

YTA are committed to supporting these projects and have seen first-hand the difference financial aid and direct volunteering can make.

To Find out more about each of our projects follow the links below:

How can YOU help?

As well as joining a trip with YTA there are many other ways you can support our foundation and make a huge difference to the lives of young people across the world.

YOU can set up a monthly payment which enables the projects to have a more constant flow of funds that help to provide food, water, school fees, uniforms, resources etc.
YOU can make one off donation and choose exactly where you would like the funds to go.
YOU can set up a fundraising page and ask friends and family to help raise funds.
YOU can run a fundraising event or set yourself a challenge which helps to raise funds.
Or simply YOU can help us to raise awareness of these incredible projects

To donate or set up a fundraising page – click the Younite Logo

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