Quality Badge awarded

In December 2019 YTA were accredited with an official quality mark that recognises the trips and experiences we run for young people in Kenya. Following months of hard work and dedication from our customer support manager Charlotte, we are official holders of the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

“The LOtC Quality Badge is the only national award combining the essential elements of provision – learning and safety – into a trusted accreditation scheme for all types of learning outside the classroom provider.” https://www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk/

This is a huge achievement for us as an independent travel company and ensures that we have the highest standards when it comes to health and safety and impeccable organisation for our ‘Escape the Classroom Trips’ Schools, College and youth groups can now be reassured that we have actively taken the step to keep in line with best practice with regular external checks and we can demonstrate that we can meet the needs of all teachers and leaders that book group travel with us.  The LOTC is a trusted accreditation and highly respected by teachers and youth leaders.


Brock2Kenya Enrichment

One of the champions of the LOTC Kate Humble (Presenter and naturalist) had this to say about the LOTC accreditation.

“As a child, I was extremely lucky to live in the countryside, where my passion for wildlife and the environment was born. Since then, I’ve developed a real wanderlust and have been able to learn about the world’s animals and plants, and key issues such as climate change from first-hand experiences. It is this real-world learning that has shaped my career to date.

So many children these days aren’t so lucky in their opportunities to experience the natural world. We must reconnect our children to the natural environment, teaching them to experience, value and appreciate the wonderful world on our doorstep. Whilst classroom learning clearly plays its part, we should not undervalue the importance of learning outside the classroom. Although you can teach facts and generate interest through textbooks and the television, to instil real passion for wildlife in the next generation young people must have the opportunity to see, hear, touch and explore the environment for themselves.”

I believe that the work of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom in encouraging and supporting teachers to make these opportunities available for young people as a regular part of their daily education is vital because today’s children are tomorrow’s decision makers”.


For us at YTA this is exactly why we set up to do what we do. Not only do we want to make a difference to the communities we visit we also want our trips to have an impact on the young people who join us. From personal experience we know that travelling overseas and taking part in experiences such as community work in Kenya can raise confidence, self-esteem, and skills for life.

We organise trips which take young people on a whole new learning experience of self-discovery and global perspective to ensure that our next generation are active global citizens, and keen to make a difference!

Scout group

We recently organised a trip for Brockenhurst College and one of there students Eleanor had this to say about her trip.

“The trip was amazing. YTA helped us to experience Kenya while feeling safe and supported and allowed us to make the most of our time at the schools. Everyone on the YTA team was always brilliant and so helpful. This trip has been one of the best experiences of my life and I would definitely want to come back again!” – Eleanor Seery – Brockenhurst College

Eleanor Seery

YTA have always put health a safety at the forefront of everything we do and ultimately, we want young people to have an enjoyable and life changing experience with us, whilst feeling safe and looked after throughout.

“The LOtC Quality Badge means that the holder has passed a robust assessment designed to ensure that they are meeting schools’ learning and risk management needs, no matter what activities they offer.” https://www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk/

We are proud to have received this quality badge and we hope that the we can build further relationships with schools and colleges in the future.

YTA are a trusted travel provider for young people and we are excited to move forward in 2020 opening further life affirming opportunities and experiences for young people. It’s time to step outside of the classroom and experience the YTA Way…

If you are a teacher, or youth leader and would like further information about our ‘Escape the Classroom’ trips you can go to https://ytauk.co.uk/escape-the-classroom/

To request a trip pack email info@ytauk.co.uk or give us a call on 01793 317937