Group travel is a little bit like marmite; Some people love it and some people… well not so much. The idea of having to travel with a group of people you don’t necessarily know can be really daunting. What if I don’t like them? What if I want to do something different to them? Will I have my own space? All the questions I had before actually taking the leap and booking on a trip.

It was nothing like my pre-conceived ideas of group travel. Firstly the group was made up of lots of different people from small groups of friends, couples and solo travellers that like me wanted to experience a new country safe in the knowledge everything would be organised for me and I wouldn’t be completely on my own.  I was able to explore this country and have the safety net of knowing I had people around me and incredible in-country guides looking after us.

One of the biggest factors for me is how ‘safe’ a country or destination is to travel to. This is always the first thing I take into account before going anywhere! YTA give travellers peace of mind when they travel and provide a safe travelling experience.

I looked at numerous travel companies who run trips to Vietnam but not one of them even mention safety. YTA puts safety at the heart of their operations to ensure the traveller is always comfortable and looked after.

Travelling with YTA gave me the balance between freedom to explore independently and as a group. At YTA they strike the perfect balance on their trips to Vietnam. I genuinely thought if I travelled with a group that meant I had to do everything everyone else wanted to do. In fact the group I joined got on so well that a lot of the time we did want to do things together, however there were also plenty of opportunities for me to take some time away from the group if and when I wanted to!

They had a team of expert guides there for us 24 hours a day. Having local guides look after us was integral to the experience.

They took us all on organised tours and excursions. It was great to have local guides as we were able to get a really authentic experience of this amazing country, they could tell us where the best places to eat were, what taxis we should avoid and what hidden gems we should visit. As well as this we still had plenty of time to explore on our own and we were not restricted to being with the whole group the whole time. If we required any assistance, they were only a phone call away.

For me YTA have the best balance in ensuring you have an independent travel experience with the safety net of wonderful, experienced guides, and the company of likeminded people. The team in the UK are there to help personalise your trip before you travel and are also on hand throughout your trip.

I really recommend you take the leap today and book your trip to Vietnam. It was without doubt one of the best experiences of my life!

Gus Gardner – Coventry University Student