Sophie Plummer – “She believed she could…..

//Sophie Plummer – “She believed she could…..

… she did” (Sophie’s favourite quote)

I went to Kenya June 2016.

“Everyday spent in Kenya brought laughter and memories. I’ll never forget handing out our donations to the children and seeing the joy in their faces over things we take for granted. But for these children, our donations meant the world. I think everyone should go to a country like Kenya sometime in his or her lifetime. It really opens your eyes and as it may sound, I came back a better person. I have learnt as much from going to Kenya as I hope the children learnt from me and I’ll definitely be returning.

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Before going to Kenya I had just completed my first year of Journalism at the University of Winchester. However, after coming back from Kenya I realised my true passion was teaching. I found it so rewarding seeing the children learning things I had taught them, and seeing their huge smiles from the enjoyment my lessons brought to them. I realised I want to be able to provide children with an education and give them this tool to change the world. I made the brave decision to transfer courses at university. I am now studying primary education and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”