Pastor Daniel Njoroge – “We should take care of our children ……

//Pastor Daniel Njoroge – “We should take care of our children ……

because they are our posterity ” A quote from William Samoei Kenya’s DP

Daniel Njoroge, director at Silver-bells Daniel Njoroge and  YTAUK team member

My name is Daniel Njoroge, I am director father at Silver-bells which was founded by my wife and myself. Margaret could see the struggle of an African child and wanted to do something to help. It was very difficult when we started because of funds but we did what we could.

Later, a friend introduced Fiona to us. Everything changed completely because YTA/Younite came with a willing heart to see that we have and what we need. In the short time, we have worked with them we have new classes, running water, permanent gate, water tanks, toilets and our modern kitchen.

It was in the beginning hard to feed the 20 kids that we had before YTA came, now it is easier to feed over 130 children that we have currently have at Silver Bells. We love having volunteers join us. Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to visit Silver Bells next year then please get in touch.

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