Meet the Team – Joyce

//Meet the Team – Joyce


This week we would like to introduce you to Joyce, one of YTA’s Kenyan based Outreach Coordinators.  If you have travelled out to Kenya with us then you have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joyce.  She is a ball of sunshine, and full of sass and quite frankly we love her.  She looks after the groups amazingly well and she is an asset to our team.  She has incredible knowledge of Kenya and Nakuru and works alongside the team at Melon Mission also. Joyce will have you laughing from the moment you arrive in Kenya!

We asked her a few questions for you find out more..

What’s the best thing about YTA’s Volunteers?

Best thing about YTA’s Volunteers is that they work as a team.

What’s your favourite thing about working with YTA?

I love working with YTA, as it’s always committed in helping the project as they always have a passion to change lives for the less fortunate both when they are in Kenya and not, always working out on what to do for improvement of both the schools and the kids.

What are your hobbies?

Love traveling, listening to music and Reading books … But just the cover mostly 😀

What’s your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is “alone we can do so little but as a team we can do much more with the will to do it”

If you could visit any country in the world where would you go? 

If I would be in a position to visit any country would love to visit the UK

If you could be an animal what would you be and why? 

I would be a butterfly, so that I could fly easily!