Day 9 Blog – Maddie Wojtowicz

//Day 9 Blog – Maddie Wojtowicz

We had been told to expect rain all week but as usual Kenya gave us the unexpected and we had a beautiful sunny day to wake up to. A perfect start to another amazing day in this country, we were off to silverbells again, a little piece of heaven in such a heart breaking place. The day consisted of teaching sums to the baby class, maths, English and science to middle class and picking beans. This is all rewarding in its own way, knowing you are adding to their knowledge, or helping to prepare their food. This country honestly makes you realise it’s the small things in life that can make you the happiest, such as seeing the children happy and smiling when you’re playing with them, or when they run up and just hold your hand or have a beaming smile on their faces when they get a sticker for their work (the occasional tears if they loose their sticker)  and you know that even just for a few minutes you add some joy to their lives.

The little boy I sponsor and his 3 brothers all go to this school, they fend for themselves after their mother left them, the youngest one is only two and the eldest being 10, and to see Jackson so full of life and running around, or Peter so content with drawing in the dirt just puts into perspective these children are like any other, and deserve the same opportunities as any other child. Silverbells is offering these children opportunity and it’s amazing to see.

These happy bubbly children had a treat as some of the volunteers brought them jam and popcorn to go in their porridge. Another thing to make me happy all in this one day. I can say from the bottom of my heart every day here is different, you see a different cheeky face, or you hear another child’s story and every little thing makes my heart so appreciative of what I have got and so full knowing I can, even in the littlest of ways, help them.