Day 8 Blog – Emilly Anger

//Day 8 Blog – Emilly Anger

We started the day with a lie in until 8.30 after a busy weekend of exciting safaris and travelling it had made us all very tired.

Breakfast was sausages and toast.

The plan is that we are going to the silver bells school for the day, which is half an hour away from our accommodation. When we arrived at silver bells we received a warm welcome from the children, smiling faces and waves greeted us.

During the morning I helped do a lesson with colouring in the baby class, steph and I had already bought cut outs of fairies, pirates, monkeys and elephants. We handed out colouring pencils and the children were absorbed in their task for at least an hour.

After that lesson had finished I helped cut up the cabbage in the kitchen with Ben, trying to teach Caroline, Margaret and Daniel’s daughter, to chop how we chop in the U.K., on a surface rather than risk chopping our fingers off doing it the way that they do it by holding it up and chopping it into the bowl!!

After the cabbage was chopped I helped cook it in the old kitchen with Kimberley, it could be called a shack, with a wood fire in the corner at ground level with a massive sauce pan on top of it. Whilst we were cooking three tomatoes and half a dozen carrots were chucked into the pan, the food that they were cooking was for 120 people.

It then started to rain, the kids were running around wild, we handed out lunch and then they ran to the classrooms for cover from the weather. After our lunch, I discovered Steph and Amy in Margaret’s office and learned that they were both sponsoring a child each Mercy and Geoffrey.

Mercy’s mum, Maggie, worked at the school so Steph wanted to break the news to her. Steph, Amy and myself found Maggie in the kitchen with a couple of other staff members.

When Steph broke the news about sponsoring Mercy to her mother, I didn’t realise just how emotional it would be and how emotional I would find it. The moment of disbelief and then the smile that spread across her face after Steph simply said: “I’m sponsoring Mercy.” Was such a special moment. Holding back the tears and saying ‘thank you so much, I don’t know how to thank you’ over and over again Maggie embraced all three of us, her smile never leaving her face.

It was at this moment that I realised the potential that sponsoring a child could do, the importance of helping those less fortunate than yourselves and how such a simple act can go a long way to helping a family, and keeping a child healthy and in education.

After we said our goodbyes at silverbells for the day. We had a quick stop at the supermarket and planned what we would get for George’s birthday surprise, 19 bottles of passion fruit fanta and a cake!!

It was annoying to most that when we got back the power wasn’t working, we were told it could be off from anything to three hours so we settled down in the living room to play cards by using ‘water bottle lanterns’ made from the torches on our phones to see what we were doing.

We invited George to come and play with us and keep him distracted as the others were setting up the dining room ready for dinner and the surprise for George.

When we were told to go to the dining room those of us playing cards went round quickly before George so that we were all there to sing happy birthday to him when he got into the dining room.

He was very surprised and overwhelmed with his cake and his 19 bottles of Fanta. There was still a powercut so we ate dinner with candles everywhere. Over dinner we learned that we would be having a surprise ourselves. It turned out that 10 children from the melon mission school came and sang to us. Then they joined us for dinner, George shared out his Fanta to the children and they piled their plates high with food, after dinner we all had a slice of cake each.

We sang and danced for most of the night, when the power came back on we all cheered. We talked and laughed and showed them pictures from our trip over the weekend. It was such a special night and was truly amazing. After the melon mission pupils had left we all went to bed very tired and looking forward to another amazing day on Tuesday.