Day 3 Volunteer Blog – Emily Osborne

//Day 3 Volunteer Blog – Emily Osborne

Today we were setting off to melon mission again, the sun was beaming and as always so are the children’s smiles. To start with a few of us continued to paint the outside of the school this time with bright colours, the chalky paint wears off so quickly that by knowing you are saving the school money on having to pay someone to do this job again shows how we really do make a difference.

One of the older boys Daniel continued to help us paint, as he was painting he slowly began to tell us his story, how he was left at 9 by his mother, returning home one day to an empty house and his father has passed away. Living on the streets from such a young age has clearly given him this hard exterior but after just half an hour of talking to him you could see his pain, his softer side and longing for love.

It was so hard to go from hearing this heart wrenching story to going to a hotel for a few hours after being at melon.

The hotel is so near to the slums and the children yet it’s a different world, it puts into perspective how within just a matter of miles Kenya has two completely contrasting sides to it. It seems so unfair but it also shows how much help the poor need, to lessen this gap between the poor and rich. I am so happy to be able to give help where I can to support these children.