Day 2 Volunteer Blog Billie Jones March 2016

//Day 2 Volunteer Blog Billie Jones March 2016

Today at 9.30 we went back melon mission school for the day. When we got there the children were all in class, the volunteers split in to a few groups, we went to teach the children, help with preparing food or paint the outside walls white.

At first I and other volunteers went in to class 3 to do reading and then we asked them questions about the book we had been reading to them. We went to class 2 and did the same and then we did a bit of maths on the chalk board. We also helped one of the teacher based at Melon with an English lesson.

After class it was porridge time. I went and sat with the baby class who were under the new marque sat in the shade, after break I went to class 5 to help with maths.

Just before lunch a lorry arrived which was full of clean and fresh water which was being put into the water tanks at the school for the children to drink and wash with. At lunch time I went back to the kitchen and helped served up the beans for the children.

After lunch I got my hands stuck into painting the class rooms and the outside walls with white paint, so that the next day we could paint pictures and numbers on the wall. We had good fun and help from one of the older melon students.

After school we went to a hotel in town, only one of the volunteers Jamie had a swim and everyone had a drink and used the wifi we stayed there for 2 hours and then went back to our accommodation to chill and play cards. We also had beans, chapatti and mince for diner (it was good!!). I really can’t wait to see what happens in the next few days.