Day 14 – Final Day Blog – Kimberley Bolland

//Day 14 – Final Day Blog – Kimberley Bolland

So as group leader of the Easter 2016 group trip I have the privilege to write the blog for the last day of our adventure. So here goes……….

Today was a sad day for our Easter 2016 group, as we would be departing our separate ways.

It was our final morning together as we landed at 6.45am at Amsterdam airport. Myself along with my two deputy leaders Ben and Shannon and a few of our lovely volunteers went for breakfast. It was great to share our stories and pictures together during our last morning. Before we knew it we had to gather for the final time at the boarding gate for our short flight home. We did a role call for the last time to make sure we were all there and then boarded the plane.

I sat next to an older gentleman who was very intrigued to know what we had been doing in Kenya. I was happy to tell him about what Younite Outreach Project do and what the 16 volunteers had achieved in the two weeks we had been there. It was a privilege to share the experience with the 16 people who I was with and I was very proud of every single one of them.

The work that Younite Outreach Project do is life changing to so many children, it brings happiness to all their little faces. I am honoured to part of this experience and would recommend it to anyone!

So all that is left for me to say is Thank you to my amazing group and deputies for an amazing experience, it was a pleasure. I know that our teaching, painting, maintenance work, cooking, donations and just being there, really made a difference!

Thank you