Day 13 Blog – Steph Dabbs

//Day 13 Blog – Steph Dabbs

So today we woke up for our last morning in Kenya the past 2 weeks had flown by. It was a bit chaotic this morning as half the group went off to the Crater for 8am whereas the rest of us waited for a 9am departure for Melon. Having our last breakfast of sausages and toast. And off we set.

As it was a Saturday not everyone was at school, there was only around 300 children compared to the usual 550+ and as it was our last day we did a sports day with them. The activities ranged from volleyball, races, frisbee, skipping, bowling, egg and spoon races and generally just the children screaming and going wild.

The time flew by and it was soon time to say farewell, we were sang farewell by a group of the older children and everyone took turns to do their speeches. Followed by everyone receiving a certificate for their handwork while there. It was then time to leave, and all the children gathered to wave us a final farewell as we left for the last time.

As we arrived back to our accommodation it was time for lunch which was sausages, chips and the oh so famous cabbage. Then we had an hour to get sorted and packed and say our farewells. As we left James waved us farewell, still there with his smiling face.

Then the journey to the airport began taking approximately 5 hours due to traffic. Along the way a man seemed to run towards the bus and jumped aboard. It turned out he was a mechanic. In response to this Bryoni asked “Has he been sat on the roof this whole time?!”

The journey seemed to take forever, this was due to a tree having fallen down causing a power line to collapse on the road causing many cars to get stuck in the mud.

But we all kept in high spirits having our final sing-a-long all together and doing our last team building exercise telling each other our final opinions. George keeping us all amused by calling crisps, chocolate and Bryoni singing to passing cars.

As we got to the airport it was then time to say our farewells to our fellow volunteer Emily as she is continuing the hard work for another week and leaving Joyce, Sammy and George behind. And before we knew it we were flying out of Kenya and our 2 weeks were over

Speaking to the few volunteers who hadn’t been out before, some of the ways they described the trip were…

‘It was a truly life changing experiencing’

‘It’s eye opening’

‘Emotionally challenging but rewarding’

‘Really amazing, and life changing, would definitely recommend it and come back again!’