Day 11 Blog- Amy Morgan

//Day 11 Blog- Amy Morgan

After an early night sleep, I woke up refreshed and ready for a day of teaching at Melon Mission. Feeling devastated but also excited as it was our last full day with the children and teachers from Melon.

For breakfast there was sausages, toast and bananas. We then all eagerly got on the bus to a warm hello from Joseph, ready in our Melon Mission tops, too make the best of the day.

Before going straight to Melon Mission, James had organised for us to visit the new land where Melon will be moving to in a few years.

As we drove from the accommodation to the land, you could slowly see how the conditions of the areas got worst. The roads got bumpier, the air dustier and the houses and clothes of the people got more worn or broken but never did the moods of the people show anything other than pure happiness. Working hard, full of life.

Before even getting off of the bus children from the slums had gathered around the bus, bouncing around full of energy. My heart broke while they asked for sweets and I was unable to give them any, something as small as sweets could of made these children day.

Entering through the doors I saw how much it has developed since last July (2015) when I visited. It was incredible, the land had gone from being over grown with one tiny building for the builders to sleep in to already having a classroom build and working on the second. The grass had been cut down where vegetables such as kale, cabbage are now able to grow. The builders were already hard at work when we got to the land, wasting no time at all. James, kindly explained his plan for the new Melon Mission land, expressing how important it is for Melon to be able to own their own land instead of rent like where they currently are as there is a possibility of them being kicked out at anytime. As James spoke about the new land you could see how passionate he was about improving the children’s life, expressing how this area we be a secure environment where the children will be able to learn, play and feel safe. You could see how much all the children at Melon mean to him as if they were his own children. The new land is completely different to the current land, where the floor outside is dirty and dusty, here the land had grass growing all around, able to grow vegetables so the children will be able to enjoy fresh food along with there normal porridge, rice or beans.

Driving through a different area of slums to get to the current land of Melon Mission, you could see people with so little can be the most happiest.

As we entered Melon Mission for our last full day, my heart filled with joyed knowing we had spent the last two weeks hard at work helping these incredible two schools develop. The children’s smiles have been so rewarding the past two weeks, words can’t fully explain.

Getting off the bus to the children running around with huge smiles on there faces is an amazing sight to see. Children with as little as nothing are still able to smile and have joy in there lives, a sight everybody must experience. After speaking to James, we all decided what we could all do which would benefit the school the most for the last day. I decided to finish the wall painting which we had started a couple of days earlier, even such a small thing such as redecorating the outside of the classrooms can make such a different to the environment the children are learning in. While painting, the young children were so fascinated by the bright colours. Simple things which wouldn’t be noticed in the UK, such as the bright colours can make the children so happy here. With limited colours I got straight to work, creating a landscape. Trying my best I mixed the colours I could to make different ones such as the purple.

While I was busy painting, others such as Jamie was busy in Class 8 preaching, Billie was teaching an english lesson to Class 5 and a group were fixing the broken crumbed down pieces of wall. There is never a dull moment volunteering.

Due to exams being earlier in the week, Melon were having a relaxing day full of fun and games. Giving time for the teachers to have a well deserted relaxing day while the 500+ children use up all the energy. Hannah, had lovingly been able to provide the whole of Melon with a piece of banana and melon from donations she had received.

While the children tucked into there fruit, we had our lunch. Lunch was potatoes, cabbage and beans

After a tiring day, we all went to the local hotel, to relax by the pool and sunbathe. Ordering chips to share and lots of drinks while making the most of the sun and wifi to call our families, catching them up with our jam packed days.

Once we got back to the accommodation we had another hour or so to relax and shower before dinner. Myself, Hannah and Maddie all did a small yoga lesson to keep ourselves busy. While Ben had a nap with his teddy flops, it was adorable I have to admit.

For dinner we had rice, vegetable, beef and kale. After dinner we organised the donations between Melon and Silver Bells ready to share them out to the schools on Friday. This was heart breaking because even though you knew these donations were going to help so many of the children, you also knew so many would still go without. Once it was sorted, we spend the rest of the night relaxing before getting a early night.

Bring on the last two days!!!