Blog 10 – Bryoni Diplock

//Blog 10 – Bryoni Diplock

Today we got on the bus and went to silverbells.

As soon as we got there we said hello to Margret and Daniel, put our bags in the office and went for a team meeting. After we all decided what classes we were going to teach, we set off and done lessons.

Some of the kids from baby class came out and started to play with the inflatable football we bought with us. Kimberly and I started to paint all of the baby and middle classes nails which they loved so much, by that time it was time for the children to wash their hands and eat their porridge, they had a treat for breakfast as the cooks had put in some strawberry jam, the children loved it!

After the children had finished with the porridge they put their cups in the washing up pot and Kimberly, Ellie, Amy and I worked as a team to wash up.  As soon as that was all done Ben, Kimberly, Tarlia, Gus and I done an Easter egg hunt with the eggs that the children created earlier this week. We done class by class and gave everyone a wafer biscuits after each class, even if they didn’t find one, the children were so excited and had a lot of fun.

By the time we had finished the Easter egg hunt it was time for the children to have their lunch, they had rice and cabbage. We all participated in handing out the all the bowls to the children class by class, they then all sat down on the grass and said Grace. Once the children had finished eating they put their bowls and spoons in the washing up pot and I started to wash up after about 20 minutes our dinner was here, we had rice, mixed vegetables and spinach.

After lunch I began to start washing up again. Whilst I was washing up the little children went into the baby class to have a nap. The older children went outside to play a game of football with Ben and Ellie.

We then went to the supermarket where we ordered pizza for our evening meal and went into the supermarket to collect some water and other supplies that we would need for the next few days. All 17 of us went back to our accommodation to chill for an hour and freshen up, to then go back to the supermarket to eat our pizza. As soon as we arrived at the pizza place within minutes all of our pizzas came out in take- out boxes. We all ordered drinks and ate our pizza up. This was a lovely treat away from the Kenyan food.

As we got on the bus there were cars parked everywhere so we couldn’t get out, the whole bus was tense as we couldn’t get out, we then had a stranger direct us out for a little bit, the two cars behind us ended up moving a bit out of the way, Sammi and Joyce had gotten on the bus as soon as we were half way out of the car park. Cars were trying to get past whilst there was no room to get through. In the end Sammi got out of the bus and directed us out stopping cars from going anywhere, he then gotten back on the bus and the whole bus cheered and clapped as we had gotten out of the car park and made our way back to our accommodation.

When we arrived back we all then chilled until we all went to bed.