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Our core aim throughout all our trips is that YOU meet and work with the communities you visit, whether that is through volunteering, taking part in workshops or just engaging with the local community and embracing their culture.

It is important that our trips promote responsible tourism and that any projects we get involved in are already established projects that we can help become more sustainable. We have close relationships with our partner projects and have seen first-hand the difference our groups can make both to their community and their economy.

Whilst our core aim is and always will be about helping local projects supporting young people in each country, the way we offer our help differs from country to country. In a nutshell the projects we work with in Kenya 100% benefit from groups of people volunteering across a few weeks and we have seen the impact we are making. The projects in India and Vietnam benefit more from financial support, and workshop-based activities and not so much from short term volunteering. Therefore, the support we provide to local communities is based around what is best for them. Not what is best for us!

  • In all three destinations we develop long standing relationships with our teams in each country, this ensures that the economic benefit is ongoing, the teams that we have are made up from local people in each destination, and with our on-going support and where it is needed, we help to develop skills and provide new opportunities for them.
  • YTA are committed to ensuring that within the destinations we visit we are making sure that what we are doing is beneficial and that the communities we work with want us to be there. We tailor the way we support the communities to make sure that our support is appropriate for the areas we are working with.
  • We aim to achieve zero litter policies in all three of our destinations.
  • YTA are dedicated to ensuring that our volunteers, travellers, leaders and staff all act in a socially responsible way, by a way of doing this each traveller must sign a code of conduct for their trip. We also take the time to educate our travellers about the host culture and community so that our travellers can get the most out of their trip.  In return we encourage us in country local teams to understand the culture of our customers.
  • When looking at new destinations and assessing existing destinations YTA closely monitors the economic, cultural and environmental issues, and re-evaluates the impact we are making on each destination to ensure we are continually making a positive difference.

YTA work in partnership with Younite Foundation, a charity that enables life changing opportunities for young people. Whilst you are busy saving and fundraising for your adventure, Younite raises money directly for the projects we support abroad as well as local projects in our home town, Swindon. By being in partnership with the charity we ensure we are making a lasting impact! In 2017 we raised over £40,000 for some incredible community-based projects.

If you would like to read our 2017 impact report and find out more about how we support local projects through YTA and our partner charity Younite Foundation, please click here.

And if you have any questions regarding how ethical we are as an organisation or further information on Responsible Travel then please don’t not hesitate to get in touch.

Looking to Book? Talk to the team today

Looking to Book? Talk to the team today