Now this is a story all about how our lives got flipped turned upside down and we would like to take a minute just sit right there we will tell you all about how we became a travel company going somewhere…

Our Director Fiona worked in a local college as an Enrichment Coordinator and alongside Roger Francis, a college lecturer, ran a trip to Kenya for fifteen students. This trip was an unforgettable experience and was when the introduction to Melon Mission was made. Since then we have never looked back.

Following another successful trip to Kenya for students and staff from the college, we were introduced to Margaret and Daniel, founders and directors of Silverbells Children’s Welfare. This visit began a long-term partnership and consequently we have been helping both Melon Mission and Silverbells ever since.  

With thanks to several very supportive individuals, Younite Outreach Project CIC was founded and set up. This move further enabled people to travel to Kenya in a safe and well organised way as well as offering financial support for both projects.  

2014 – Another great year for YOP and this year was our first ever year running trips for University Students. Our very first University to Join us were from the University of Winchester where Fiona is an Alumni. We are still to this day taking groups of students from UOW 😊

A dream became a reality and YOP, originally a part time project, was now a full-time business. Thanks to the support of a local company we were able to expand and offer the opportunity for a wider audience of people to join us in Kenya and in turn create even more of an impact on the schools we were supporting😊. It was also the year we expanded our business to incorporate India, another destination offering an alternative type of trip that still incorporated community support.

YOP evolved into Younique Travel Adventures (YTA), a Limited Company responsible for the business side of organising travel to our destinations. At the same time Younite Foundation, a registered charity, was set up to completely focus on raising money for our projects overseas.  In light of restructuring and separating business from charity, we have gone from strength to strength. Most importantly from registering as a charity we have been able to triple the funds we once were raising for the schools in Kenya. The partnership between YTA and Younite Foundation had begun.

A fully functioning top class Travel Company with life affirming trips to Kenya and India and over £60,000 raised for charity. Check out our impact reports to see how money we raised was used.  This was also a significant year for our partner school Silver bells who now thanks to Younite Foundation own their land and school which prior to this they were renting.

The team has grown, and we couldn’t have been happier to welcome Charlotte Quinn as Customer Support Manager. Charlotte was a student on our very first trip to Kenya and is just as passionate about making a difference as we are. It was also the year we added Vietnam to our portfolio of destinations, another incredible developing country. And for the charity… well we only went and raised £100,000 for Younite Foundation.

This is the most successful year in the history of YTA with the most people ever travelling with us to all three destinations. It was also the year Melon Mission moved into a brand-new school. This year we have also made the decision to widen our support to another project ‘Little Kings’. Our aim is to provide them with the support and partnership which we hope will ultimately help them to grow and be fully sustainable. With new trip itineraries for 2020 and lots more to offer we cannot wait to see what the next year brings for YTA…

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