Whether you are looking to volunteer in Kenya, trek in the foothills of the Himalayas, join a yoga retreat in Rishikesh or explore the culture and history of Vietnam we will have something perfect for you and your travelling needs!

Our ‘Join A trip’ options are for over 18’s who are looking to travel with likeminded people. These trips are designed for independent travellers looking to join a group, couples wanting to travel alongside other people or friends who would also like to experience a trip with a group.

When you join a trip with us you will be amongst a group of individuals seeking adventure just like yourself. We aim to keep our group trips to a maximum of 15 people.

We hold pre-departure meetings for all our groups and give you the opportunity to meet up prior to travel. These trips are a great opportunity to see the world, create lasting friendships and lifelong memories. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the whole idea of our ‘Join a trip’ options are so solo and individual travellers can still have the luxury of traveling alongside other people despite whether they already know them prior to travel!

In our experience it’s very unlikely in just a few weeks of travel that you will fall out with anyone. Joining a group of likeminded people can lead to some of the most amazing experiences of your life and you are guaranteed to make some lifelong friends. Our itineraries run so that you are safe knowing you have the comfort of a group however you will also have time for yourself should you need it! 

Our private group trips are usually made up of a group that are part of an organisation, club or already know each other prior to travel and have requested to travel with just their group. 

Yes! You might find that doing a few weeks in a pre-organised way is a safe way to get you started and I great introduction to travel. 

Yes! Depending on the type of experience you are looking for will depend on what destination is best for you.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect trip. 

Whilst YTA trips are open to all ages, our “Join a Trip” groups are for over 18s only.

Yes. Our group trips vary between 1 to 2 weeks however should you wish to extend your visit then this is possible. You can also choose the specific dates you want to travel should you not go with a group.

We pride ourselves on not being like a travel agent and going above and beyond to help you plan your trip. We hold initial presentations for those interested and pre-departure presentations ensuring you know absolutely everything before your trip. We would also encourage you to organise your social meetings if you are travelling as a group.  

These meetings are not compulsory and if you do prefer to book & go that is fine.

Simple. Email info@ytauk.co.uk or call 01793 317937 or go through our contact page and say you would like to book a place on either a group trip already running or send us dates on when you would specifically like to travel and how many people there are. We will send you a booking form and an invoice for a deposit.  

Yes. We are ATOL protected which means we can book your flights for you and they will be financially safe. These are included within our package however should you opt to book your own flights this is fine.

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Supporting the…..

younite foundation

All our trips are unique in their own way. Our core aim is to give back to the communities we visit whilst enabling you to have an experience of a lifetime. The projects and charities that we aim to support are for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

The amount of volunteering and community engagement our travellers take part in differs based on what we feel is making a genuine impact. In addition to the hands-on support we provide we also offer financial support via our partner charity Younite Foundation.