A country full of culture, faith and spiritualism. It is vibrant, colourful and incredibly beautiful. The seventh largest country in the world with an ever-growing economy. India is a diverse country of affluence, extreme poverty, bustling cities and tranquil mountain retreats; temples, rivers, markets, yoga, elephants, monkeys, cows you name it, India has it. India has something for EVERYONE!

  1. The Food in India is unbelievably delicious and it’s not all ‘blow your socks off’ spicy!! There is a range of foods to suit everyone’s taste buds! If you want to go traditional then you will be blown away by the different types of curries and Indian Cuisine. Indian food tastes so unique with a variety of flavour, the various food markets are vibrant in colour, taste and sound!                                              spiceindian-food
  2. You can’t visit India and not be blown away by the unbelievable architecture of their buildings old & new. Most famously the Wonder of the World ‘The Taj Mahal’ You are constantly in ore of the amazing places you will see and no matter how long a journey takes the sites you see on the way will not disappoint.                                                                                                                                 india-17 red-fort
  3. The Culture of India will be one of your fondest memories, the diversity of this unique country will bring new life you didn’t know you had! Around every corner you will see a cultural niche. There is hardly any other culture in the world that is as varied as India.

callum india-2

4. The people you will meet throughout your journey will be inspirational. Speaking personally from the team we work with and the charitable organisation we support we have met people from different parts of the country with completely different backgrounds and they have all been humble and welcoming and so happy for people to visit.

18118457_1481265155231061_3608465222156052290_n india-slum-school-teacher-1

5. If you are looking for an Adventure and something slightly different to your usual type of holiday, then India is 100% the place to go. Unbelievable treks (especially through the Himalayas) breath-taking wildlife and safari, exhilarating white water rafting, the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns and then serene calm in the mountains.

india-rafting camping

There is a huge misconception on just how great India is. It will ignite something in you, you didn’t know you had! Fire your imagination and leave you wanting to explore even more.

India is a particularly good place to travel as a group and as luck would have it we have spaces available on our next group tour in April 2019. Over 18’s only – No upper limit just make sure you’re fit and healthy and excited to explore this insane country that is INDIA.

For information and a trip pack email charlotte.quinn@ytauk.co.uk or get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page.