We have just returned from our group tour of the North & South of the country & what an unbelievable experience it was. From the bustling cities to the tranquillity of the countryside & the coastal towns. It simply has a bit of everything.

Once you have got used to the 35 million people who go around on their mopeds and have built the confidence to cross the road there is no stopping you!

Here are our top 5 reasons to visit.

The country is overflowing with culture & history. The museums are a must. Whilst they may shock in some ways it’s a reminder of how far this country has come in a very short time. We at YTA always recommend you learn about the country you are visiting.

   Vietnam Group trip

The food, whilst the set menus can be a bit overwhelming with the huge amount of choice what they offer is fully traditional and very tasty, there are some absolute gems that can be found from street food, off the beaten track cafes and some phenomenal restaurants. And if Vietnamese food isn’t for you they have food from all over the world. We may have a few pizzas along the way.

Vietnam Street Vendor

Excursions are an awesome way of really getting to see what makes a country so special. We at YTA visit Sapa, Halong Bay, & the Mekong Delta. With plenty of time to also explore other areas. If photography is your thing get yourself on as many excursions as possible! They are also great opportunities to speak to the local guides who live in the country.

Halong Bay, & the Mekong Delta

Shopping is an experience in itself, the markets are a vast array of foods, souvenirs and beautiful clothes and jewellery. You can literally fill a whole day just with shopping and with the majority of markets up for a haggle you can seek out some bargains.

Vietnam shopping experience

Relaxation a word you might not always hear when describing Vietnam but we found that around every corner is either a chilled bar or cafe to have a drink in or a spa where you can be pampered for hours. We went to one and ended up staying there for hours, a perfect way to unwind.

The list could go on…..

Whether you want to join a group or travel with a partner/ group of friends YTA can work with you to organise an adventure of a lifetime.

For a Vietnam, trip pack get in touch. 😊 Our Next ‘Join a group trips’ are running in April and September 2019.