If you’re thinking of travelling, you might be wondering which option is better for you: to go it alone, or travel with a group of friends?
Here are the two options in more detail so you can make the best choice for you:

Travelling with friends

Sharing experiences and new adventures can be fun. If you want to endeavour on a trip to make memories with existing friends, then it’s likely that you’d prefer to not go alone.

YTA can help make your experiences with friends even better. If nobody in your group has been to the area you’re travelling in, then your plans could fall flat – you’re unlikely to know the best places to go and be cautious of places you should avoid. Above anything, YTA is likely to be a safer option and will also save you time. Nobody wants to risk getting lost and missing out on something they’ve spent time and money planning for!

Travelling solo

If travelling with friends, you might not want to do the same thing. This may mean you have to miss out on some places that are a priority for you but aren’t for everyone else. If you’ve travelled a long way, this can be frustrating. However, going it alone can be daunting for some people. Discovering new places can be a lonely experience for some people, particularly if you’re already a long way from home.

YTA lets you join a trip of like-minded people who are all travelling solo. So, you get the best of both worlds: the freedom to gain new experiences, whether that is volunteering for a good cause or trekking through the Himalayas, combined with the safety, guidance and camaraderie that being in a group provides. This option means could you also end up making new friends with similar travelling interests and outlooks, plus group numbers are kept to a maximum of 15, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed.