There are so many options for travel these days that it can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of websites offering flights, hotels, experiences and excursions – not to mention thousands of reviews and comparison websites to wade through.

There is in fact so much to choose from that booking a holiday independently can take hours. And it can be a complex procedure to keep all the receipts, booking references and dates organised.

Holiday booking does not have to be this way.

Why not book the whole trip in one go with a guided group holiday. Guided group travel has moved on a lot since the coach trips of the 1980s.

They are as vibrant and exciting as something you organised independently but without the hassle.

So what can you expect from a guided group trip.

1)     Everything is done for you. Starting with the first enquiry until you board the plane to come home, everything is organised for you. From hotel and flights, to daily excursions and experiences.

2)      Guided group travel can be as personal and authentic as you want. Wherever you are planning to go on your holiday, and whatever experience or historical site you would like to visit this can be arranged.

3)      Guided group travel is not limited to the well-trodden tourist traps. If you want to go off the tourist track then you can. Often these excursions will be small group with a personal guide giving you a more authentic experience.

4)      Security and peace of mind. When booking and travelling independently there is always a little bit of doubt that things will go wrong and you will be stranded. With a guided group holiday, if the worst happens it will be sorted by the local representative leaving you to enjoy your holiday.

5)      You can expect whatever you would like from your holiday. Group travel is no longer the structured itinerary of decades past. You decide where and how you would like to experience the world.

To book your perfect guided group holiday give the friendly team at Younique Travel Adventures a call, whether you want to climb the Himalayas or spot the big 5 on safari we will do our best to provide your dream holiday.