As a teacher or leader of a youth group, you’ll understand the value of academic lessons taught in a classroom environment. But when it comes to life skills and experiences, we all understand that so much more is learnt by getting out of the classroom and into the big wide world. If you’re looking for ways to enrich the learning experience of the young people in your care, read on.

At YTA, we’re experts in connecting young people with communities in three developing countries; Kenya, India and Vietnam. Within these destinations, young people will experience distinct cultures and use their skills to make a difference to the communities within these countries.

There are a host of benefits to both the communities we work with and the young people we place; providing enrichment to both through our specialist service. The benefits of getting out of the classroom and into these communities include:

• Seeing the world beyond just the tourist destinations
• Gaining first-hand experience of other cultures
• Developing awareness of global issues
• Fostering responsibility and empathy in their formative years to encourage well-rounded global citizens of the future

Big differences in culture can come as quite a shock to some young people, which is why our relationship with your group starts well before the trip begins. We take great care to provide guidance and information on the cultures they will experience and take them through what will be expected of them during their trip.

We have a wide variety of experiences for young people, each with a multitude of opportunities to meet and support members of the community who benefit from our work. Your group of young people will have ample opportunity to utilise and develop their skills, as well as learning valuable new ones along the way.

For further information about how YTA can facilitate an overseas trip to a developing country, simply get in touch today on 01793 317937. We are on hand to answer all of your questions and ensure the booking process is as simple as possible.