Day 5 of our Christmas Competition!

Are you feeling festive yet? We certainly are at YTA HQ – with the Christmas desk off under way the office is being transformed into all manner of things! Watch this space to see our festive creation!

Todays questions is here, and as always if you missed any of the previous questions you can add them on to your answer sheet.

  • Today’s Question –  What brought Frosty the Snowman back to life: a) A hug, b) A scarf, c) A silk hat?–  Submit your answer here!
  • 1st December Question – In which country is Father Christmas known as Weihnachtsmann?
  • 2nd December Question – In which country does Christmas Day occur first: New Zealand or Canada? 
  • 3rd December Question- True or false: There are three towns/cities in the United States named Santa Claus?
  • 4th December Question – What is Boxing day also known as: a) St Martin’s Day, b) St Joseph’s Day, c) St Stephen’s Day?


10 ways to Enhance your CV & UCAS Applications

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