Day 3 is here!

It’s day 3 for your chance to win £100 off a YTA trip or £100 of amazon vouchers! First day of hearing about the competition, no worries, you can still enter the competition!

  • Today’s QuestionTrue or false: There are three towns/cities in the United States named Santa Claus?– Submit your answer here!
  • 1st December Question – In which country is Father Christmas known as Weihnachtsmann?
  • 2nd December Question – In which country does Christmas Day occur first: New Zealand or Canada? 



All answers must be with us by 5pm on Christmas Day. Those that have answered all 25 questions correctly will be entered into our prize draw to win either £100 off a YTA trip in 2020 OR a £100 Amazon Voucher. All the correct answers will be available for you to see on Boxing Day and the winner will be revealed on Monday 30th December.



Travellers share feedback of their experience with YTA… 

We pride ourselves on the incredible feedback we get from those that travel with us. Via the link below you can see just a snippet of the kind of feedback we have received this year. Those that travel with us are looked after us every single step of the way.