Looking For That ‘Money Can’t Buy’ Experience


If you are looking for an experience that money just cannot buy, you should consider broadening your horizons to experience a completely new culture and lifestyle. Travel can provide a wealth of opportunity and here are just some reasons why you should consider arranging an unforgettable adventure. Learn new skills Many people travel in order to acquire a new skill that could not otherwise be learnt in their home country. An excellent example of this is a new language, as immersing yourself in the country itself can enable you to quickly pick up new vocabulary in order to communicate with those [...]

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YTA goes for Gold – DofE Approved Activity Provider


We are very excited to announce that we are now Approved Activity Providers (AAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Following some great work from Charlotte our Customer Support Manager we are now really pleased to say that we are Approved Activity Providers specifically for Residentials that need to be completed in order to achieve the Gold Award. DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award for 14-24-year olds. YTA strongly believe in the development of young people and fully agree in the values of the DofE and can see the huge benefits for young people. For us it’s important [...]

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Day 22 – Donations, donations, donations


Our volunteers who go out to Kenya always take a crazy amount of donations!  This year we saw everything from a 'Pants' campaign so that the children received new underwear, hundreds of pairs of socks donated from local schools here in the UK, homemade knitted hats, goody bags, school supplies, shoes and as well as clothes. From toiletries and clothes, to toys and books, these are so appreciated by our projects in Kenya.  Not only do our volunteers donate things they have brought over from the UK we have had a record number of groups make a donation of money to [...]

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Meet The Team – Gus Gardner


  It's time for another Meet the Team Blog and this time we would like to Introduce you to Gus, an integral member of the YTA team.  Gus assists both operationally in the UK and also as an Outreach Coordinator too, and he is excellent at both areas! The knowledge that Gus has about the industry is second to none,  and he is an absolute asset to our team. How long have you worked with YTA? "I first worked for YTA after returning from a trip to India in October 2015. So 3 years this October" Why do you like working [...]

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Meet the Team – Tony (Dorje)


    This week we want to introduce you to one of our team in India; Tony.  Tony travels with and looks after our groups whilst they are in India, .  The knowledge he has of the places you visit when in India is second to none, and we know you are in safe and knowledgeable hands with Tony!  Read the interview below to find out more! Name: Tony ( Dorje) Job: Escort/ Trekking guide   What do you love most about your job? "Meeting people from around the world and spending time in wilderness of Himalaya is the best part [...]

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Meet the Team – Joyce


  This week we would like to introduce you to Joyce, one of YTA's Kenyan based Outreach Coordinators.  If you have travelled out to Kenya with us then you have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joyce.  She is a ball of sunshine, and full of sass and quite frankly we love her.  She looks after the groups amazingly well and she is an asset to our team.  She has incredible knowledge of Kenya and Nakuru and works alongside the team at Melon Mission also. Joyce will have you laughing from the moment you arrive in Kenya! We asked her a [...]

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Meet The Team – Carla Hitch


  This weeks meet the team, is our lovely Carla!  Carla has worked with YTA for many years, as an outreach coordinator travelling with our volunteers out to Kenya. Her enthusiasm and passion to be able to make a difference in Kenya is second to none, and we love having her on our team! 1.       Why do you like working with YTA? I love that this is about the long term …a sustainable project investing in education so that the children are equipped to help break the cycle of poverty. Each year when I return to Nakuru I see very significant [...]

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Meet The Team – James Kagema


Along with the launch of our amazing new website, we thought over the next couple of months we would introduce you to the YTA team, with a series we are calling Meet the Team Monday.  Every Monday we will bring you a new member of the team to meet. As this is the first week, we thought we would kick this off with introducing you to James.  James is the Director of Melon Mission, one of our projects in Kenya, and we have worked very closely with James from day 1.  He works tirelessly to provide for the children, along with [...]

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From everyone at YTA have a very Merry Christmas…….


We hope you have enjoyed our 2016 advent calendar updates. From inspirational volunteer stories, to messages from sponsored children we have loved every moment & believe it shows how much we have accomplished this year. Without YOUre support we wouldn't be where we are today. All competition winners will be announced on the 28th December. We hope you have a peaceful & blessed Christmas. A review of 2016 is coming soon.... Thank you!    

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Fiona Simpson – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed…..


......by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in you sail. Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ Mark Twain Thank you to everyone for all your support this year. It’s been a great year with so many amazing people visiting our partner projects and experiencing our adventure and cultural activities. A review of our year will be up after Christmas. Until then have a blessed and safe Christmas. Enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones and don’t eat to much Turkey! Fiona [...]

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James Kagema – “Service to Humanity……


........is Service to God." James is executive director at Melon Mission "My work is to implement Melons Vision, by ensuring that needy children in our community, have a full life through Melons Mission of provision of food, clothes, shelter, education and other services that will enhance their full development. I really appreciate the great support from YTA to Melon Mission for the last five years. YTA has not only been providing financial support to help in the mission school day today activities, long term goals such as the building of a school, but have also been bringing volunteers to help in [...]

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Roger Francis – “The Purpose of Life Is to Discover Your Gift…….


........The Meaning of Life Is to Give Your Gift Away" ~William Shakespeare "To feed a hungry child, now that is peace, joy and meaning in a cup! I'm a volunteer coordinator and lecturer at New College Swindon, I lead the teacher training programme and have recently commenced a crop growing programme. I have been taking students over to Kenya since 2011 alongside Fiona. To see the life change from start to finish in a student is a real honour. An enriching experience for all and one I would recommend to any other school/college that want to really make a difference to their students [...]

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Tony Gilbert – “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing…..


.......would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” » Mahatma Gandhi "The Kenyan trip, offered by YTA, is one that you will never forget and its life changing. Just as a small insight I have been out to Kenya several times and seen the incredible progress of the schools, the general maintenance, children and teachers. It is brilliant to see how teachers across the world can share experiences with those in Kenya. The children love to spend time with visitors from around the globe and really want to learn – I have sponsored a little girl, Fenny, and the sponsorship [...]

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Peter from Baby Class at Silver Bells has a picture for his sponsor…..


Peter from baby class at Silver Bells is sponsored by Maddie Wojtowicz who has volunteered in Kenya the last few years and is planning on returning in 2017. There are so many children at Silver Bells in need of sponsorship. This not only helps the child you sponsor directly but also helps the school cover every day costs to ensure over 100 children are cared for. If you would like to sponsor a child please go to http://silver-bells.org/sponsor-a-child/  

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Alex Diplock – “The world is a book,……


.... and those that do not travel read only one page." “YTA exceeded my expectations with a trip of a lifetime to India. I was apprehensive about going as it is so different from here in the UK. We were looked after all the way through our time and there was always someone there to help. It was a culturally amazing and was very active with some short treks, white water rafting, kayaking and some rock climbing. It was also great to visit some projects in different communities especially the slum walk with P.E.T.E India. I have been on several trips [...]

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