We at YTA want to make sure we can offer the best price possible and support you through the whole run up to your big adventure and not just when you are on a trip. No matter when you want to book with us, we will always do our best to accommodate you however here is why booking in advance can help YOU!

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Save Money! Early Bird Rate.

When you book with us in advance, we can guarantee you the best cost possible. Whilst we will always keep our trips as cost effective as possible with ever increasing flight costs the earlier, we get them booked the better price we can offer. Late bookings sadly can sometimes mean higher flight prices.

Maximum Time to Save/Fundraise 

Given the nature of some of our trips (Especially to Kenya!) many people that join us fundraise towards their trip.

If you are going to fundraise then you need time…

Time to plan, organise and deliver. By deciding early, you know exactly how much money you need to raise and when money needs to be raised by.  This enables you the maximum time possible to get your funds together.

Let’s face it regardless of whether you book your trip with YTA or not a trip to Kenya, India and Vietnam won’t be cheap. With flights alone you are looking at £650pp upwards. There are not many people that could pay for a trip like these outright. By booking in advance we at YTA can put together a manageable payment plan for you in order to give you maximum time to save.

Support from YTA

One thing we pride ourselves in is the support we give our customers from the moment they book with us. Whether you book a year in advance or 2 months before a trip we will be here to offer pre-trip advice, fundraising support and resources however this advice and support is something to take advantage of sooner rather than later.

Planning Time

By making decisions on big trips like this early the longer you have to plan and prepare for the trip. This could be preparation on the types of things you would like to do at our partner projects in Kenya, collecting donations and time to raise awareness of what you are doing to help! Having extra time also gives you the opportunity to prepare on what you might need for your trip and an opportunity to look at what extras you might want to include and places you would like to visit.

Holiday Countdown!!

Probably the most important reason to book a trip like this in Advance is because everyone needs something to look forward to! You have much longer to get excited about your trip of a lifetime. You can get your annual leave booked and, in the bag, and let the countdown begin.

So what are you waiting for!!?? 

We are now taking bookings for our 2020 trips to Kenya, India and Vietnam.

Join a trips departing in February, April, June, July, August, September, & October 2020

Private Trips – You Pick the dates!

To guarantee the best price possible get in touch for a full itinerary and payment plan.

Email info@ytauk.co.uk Phone 01793 317937

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