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From students leaving college or university to career breaks, more and more people are searching for an adventure to see more of the world.  Did you know you can do all this, without having to take a Gap Year?  At YTA our main aim is to leave a positive impact, on those who travel with us and the communities we visit, in our carefully put together trips.

We have put together a list of the 10 ways we think travelling will enhance your CV and improve Career prospects.

 1. You can enhance your communication skills

When travelling you spend a lot of your time meeting new people whether that be people on your trip, our in-country teams or the local community you visit.  Your communication skills will develop threefold.

2. You can Improve your Cultural Awareness and develop your Cultural Intelligence.

In today’s world of globalisation, employers are looking more than ever for people who can understand the differences between cultures and be able to plan and adapt for multicultural interactions. By travelling to countries that have very different cultures to your own, means you will have a better cultural awareness.

3. You might just learn a new language!

What’s the best way to learn a new language?  Fully immerse yourself in the culture of those who speak it.  By spending time with communities in our destinations you are bound to come home being able to understand at least a little of a new language!

4. You will improve your creative thinking

By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone the more you will see and experience. When you are in a new environment this can often improve your creative thinking.

5. You will become more adaptable

Travelling can mean you have to change your plans at the last minute or deal with new challenges that you need to face.  They say travelling is all about your journey into the unknown, once you come out the other side you no longer fear the unknown, and you embrace unfamiliar situations, people and surroundings with ease.

6. You will improve your problem-solving skills.

From trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas to working with our partner projects in Kenya, our trips all have an element of problem-solving in them.  You are going to be working with your team to get to the greatest outcome!

7. Allows you to grow your network

Meeting new people from across the world is going to develop your network, travelling is very sociable from the group you are travelling with to the people you meet along the way, it is always good to stay in touch!

8. You will become more confident

Travelling, especially solo travelling, means you are making a lot of decisions for yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. The moment this happens you become open to all things you haven’t considered before.  These trips are a rewarding experience, you will overcome fears, solve problems and create change… that will for sure give you a huge confidence boost.

9. You will become more organised

Planning can be the tricky part of travelling; this is where organisation comes in. From what to pack for your trip to the budget you are allowing yourself to spend, all of this requires you to be organised.

10. You will become truly independent whilst still working as a team!

Most companies will want to hire someone who is a team player, however, they are also going to want someone who is independent too, who can manage their own time and actions to achieve the best outcome, as well as being able to slot in well to a team. A trip with YTA will certainly allow you to gain skills in both independence and teamwork!

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