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Here at YTA we run trips to three remarkable developing countries: Kenya, India and Vietnam. Our trips focus on community cohesion and are full of adventure and culture. Unlike a travel agent, we will be with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on putting the communities we visit and those that travel with us at the heart of what we do.

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Top 10 reasons why we think YOU should travel with YTA…

  • We are a trusted company with over 8 years’ experience of running group trips

  • Everything is well planned and organised for you to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

  • We are ATOL Protected & Members of the Travel Trust Association

  • Our customer service is second to none

  • We provide support from the minute you get in touch. We offer pre-trip advice and guidance.

  • 24/7 UK & in country support

  • We put the community at the heart of what we do and make a positive impact

  • We work closely with our partner charity Younite and have raised over £100,000 in just 2 years!

  • Payments for all our trips can be made in instalments giving you maximum time to save!

  • We use local guides and in country experts for all our trips

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, regardless of whether you are a scout leader or the main organiser of the group we offer a free space for every 10 group members that book. This doesn’t include flights however some leaders we have worked with in the past have incorporated this into the groups cost. This is up to the leaders/organisers. Alternatively, if you are a leader and want to cover your cost you could spread the discount amongst all group members. 

No private travel is simply a group made up of people all wanting to travel together.

Volunteering overseas can be a very controversial subject especially when helping children and young people. We would be the first to say be careful how you go about volunteering overseas and make sure you research the projects you are supporting first. If it isn’t done correctly it can be more damaging than helpful. However, we truly believe that the partnerships we have formed in Kenya with three charity run schools has only been positive. We have worked with them for 8 years and have seen them go from strength to strength. Two of the projects now own their own land and Melon Mission has a brand-new school. The children are well looked after whilst at the school and the impact volunteers have had by visiting has been huge. So many skills have been shared, the children are thriving in their exams and we are helping to give them the best possible platform to grow and develop. We work closely with the schools; we are not there to tell them what to do we want to support. Everyone that volunteers with us learns so much from visiting these incredible projects. Volunteering with us is a two-way thing. Yes, we are helping the schools, but they help us in so many ways too. Never doubt that showing kindness, love and compassion to other people doesn’t make a difference. We simply would not do what we do if we thought it didn’t help.

Yes! Depending on the type of experience you and your group are looking for will depend on what destination is best for you. We are happy to work with you and your group to create the perfect trip.

No, YTA is open to all its just about finding the right trip for you!

No! All three of our destinations are different in terms of how we help community projects and what your trip entails.

Believe us when we say YOU do have skills! You might not know it yet, but you will see for yourself when you are on our trip how you can help. Just being at our partner projects and putting a smile on those children’s faces is enough. There are lots of different jobs you can help with, for example, playing games, helping in the kitchen and helping with low scale maintenance is also beneficial to the projects.

Yes. Our group trips vary between 1 to 2 weeks however should you wish to extend your visit then this is possible. You can also choose the specific dates you want to travel should you not go with a group.

We pride ourselves on not being like a travel agent and going above and beyond to help you plan your trip. We hold initial presentations for those interested and pre-departure presentations ensuring you know absolutely everything before your trip. We would also encourage you to organise your social meetings if you are travelling as a group.
These meetings are not compulsory and if you do prefer to book & go that is fine.

Unfortunately, we do not receive any funding and so we cannot offer free places. We are also a company and have several costs we must cover to keep us running.
The cost covers things like flights, accommodation, food, transport, excursions and the overall organisation of your trip.

Simple. Email or call 01793 317937 or go through our contact page and say you would like to book a place on either a group trip already running or send us dates on when you would specifically like to travel and how many people there are. We will send you a booking form and an invoice for a deposit.

You can pay for your trips via BACS, & Cheque. When you confirm your place, we will send an invoice with payment details. A £200 deposit is due upfront. The remaining amount can be paid in instalments and this will vary depending on your departure date.

No! Whilst we do run student trips for schools, colleges and universities we also run trips for over 18’s, private groups and families. We make sure that we run a trip that works best for you. Whether you are 18 and looking for your first travelling adventure or you are retired and like the idea of everything being organised for you we have it all. Do not let age be a barrier to travel with us!

We are a limited company, and this is to ensure the safe running of the travel operations of your trip. When booking trips with us to Kenya, India or Vietnam it is done so via YTA. We do however work very closely with our partner charity Younite Foundation. This is a charity specifically set up to raise funds for the projects we support in Kenya and can not be used to raise money for your individual trip costs.